The questions in writing

  • When writing a press release, recommends to have these questions in mind:


    Who? The answer to this question, the most important of all, will refer to the organization or to the people (protagonists, responsible, collaborators, beneficiaries) that are being spoken about in the press release. Discovering the organization's (broad-based) name or person (full name, plus function) from the beginning of the text, the reader will have the landmarks needed to decide if the subject is of interest or not. So do not forget: in many press releases, the name makes the news.


    What? The answer to this question defines what matters most. It showswhat the event is about, defines its specific notes (novelty, amplitude, drama)and suggests its importance to the community.


    Where? In some situations, the place where an action takes place is especially important when in relationof proximity to the public of that news. Sometimes it suffices to specify only the name of the city, but in other cases (for example, in the invitations) other details (street, building number, floor, access ways, etc.) must be specified.


    When? The answer to this question highlights the topicality of the information, in the lead, you must specify date / dates, day / days, sometimes important time / hours of the action.