Becoming a Computer Scientist

  • One of the high school students’ greatest preoccupations during high school is their computer. They spend a lot of time browsing the Internet, playing video games, or working with various tools. Because of that, it’s natural that most of them think it would be great if they could make a living out of working with computers and being able to create an Internet web site, a video game or develop an application which would be useful for people. It sounds great and easy, but it’s definitely not. Computer science is as much as theoretic and it is practical and people often don’t realize this. There is more to computer science than just programming and coding. There is a lot of writing, but you can simply hire someone from essay writer service reviews.


    If you are generally interested in the world of computers and if you want to find out how everything works, than this is the right faculty for you. However, if you only want to try this because you heard that programmers have the highest salaries, then you will be disappointed to see just how difficult this can be. Try it for yourself before deciding.