What is Keto Diet

  • The KETO COOKBOOK can be currently a MUST HAVE - a ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE - for many family members and also explain what is keto diet, carers and associated pros who desire a thorough understanding of the Ketogenic Diet plus it has software for assisting alleviate seizures in children with epilepsy, and some other neurological problems.


    The Keto Cookbook and also explain that what is keto diet, co-authored by Dawn Martinez along with Laura Cramp, RD, LD, CNSC, is written with exactly the very same precision and detail which the very essence of this dietary plan dictates, representing the awareness, knowledge and substantial experience of both females.



    Dawn could be the mother of Charlotte, with Dravet's Syndrome, and who's reacted so closely to the Keto Diet after unsuccessful and exhaustive efforts with all AEDs anti epileptic drugs.


    Laura can be a professional dietitian in The Children's National Medical Centre at Washington, DC, functioning not merely by their families, however counseling medical experts and hospital foodstuff items team around the intricacies of employing that what is keto dietto take care of epilepsy and reduce seizures.


    Gone will be the myth that this diet is unappetizing, unpalatable, boring and unappealing! Beautifully illustrated recipes for 96 different delicious snacks and meals are all testimony to the particular and what is keto diet.  All recipes: