The Common Method of Xinyu Enameled Wire Bonding

  • The common method of aluminum enameled wire bonding is to use a special flux-cored solder wire (sold by Shanghai Jifeng Electromechanical) to solder with electric soldering iron. Generally, aluminum enamel wire and aluminum enamel wire/bare aluminum wire/aluminum alloy/copper wire with small wire diameter. The welding method is suitable for selecting this welding method (wires, rows and foils with large wire diameter or large area can be flame brazed, see copper-aluminum welding). The welding method of the workpiece is better, the quality is reliable and the operation is convenient. .

    Welding instructions: When soldering, the soldering iron tip should be as close as possible to the soldered body, and then the soldering wire should be sent to the soldering iron tip to melt the soldering wire and complete the soldering. (This method can make the flux in the soldering wire fully contact with the board surface to achieve the best. Welding effect); For the welding of enamelled aluminum wire and copper wire (or aluminum wire), the two wires are usually twisted and twisted after scraping, and the twisting size directly affects the welding effect, and the twist (ie, the curvature) The larger the amount of tin is, the stronger the welding between the two wires is.

    For the newly welded enameled wire, do not use the hand to pull it too eagerly, wait for it to completely cool, and then verify its reliability; Unused solder wire, use a lighter to burn the wire head into a ball shape, so as to avoid the loss of liquid flux in the wire, affecting the next welding.

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