Xinyu Ealuminum Wire (Different Models) Simple Overview

  • Enameled Aluminum Wire is mainly used as an electrical conductor wherever coils are in motion. Because of the low density of aluminum, the coil weight can be reduced to one third of a similar copper coil. This weight advantage allows for easier and more efficient acceleration of the moving part, resulting in performance increases such as: reduced access times of hard disk drives and improved sound quality & sensitivity for speakers and voice coils.

    Overview of Enameled Square Aluminum Wire

    Diameter(mm): a(b): 0.8mm-7mm

    Temperature Class(℃): 180, 200, 220

    Standard: IEC60317-0-2,IEC60317-29 MW36-A

    Bobbin: 30/50kg wooden spool,plastic spool,we can customize the length according to customer demand

    Application: Transformer, generator, refrigeration system, class C generators, UPS power supply, electronic transformer

    Overview of Oxidative Aluminum Wire

    Lifting electromagnet, reactors and other low-voltage and high current electromagnetic winding.

    Oxidative aluminum wire belongs to the special electromagnetic wire, the insulation layer is the aluminum oxide (AL2O3), no thermal aging phenomenon, can be used as insulation level of class 220. The insulation layer of such product is thin, high temperature resistance and insulation performance stability, which is the best choice for low voltage winding wires with producing high temperature, poor environment, heat dissipation difficulty and so on. Widely used in electromagnetic industry at home and abroad.

    Overview of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

    Sealed motor working under high temperature, transformer, modern instrument, generator, welding machine and so on.

    Overview of Enameled Flat Aluminum Wire

    Diameter Range (mm):a: 1-10 b: 3-16

    Temli Class(C):130 155 180, 200, 220


    Color:natural color, red, blue, green and so on

    liackage:30kg/50kg Wooden Bobbin or according to customer requirements

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