China magnet wire production and processing

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    A good China enameled wire needs to be applied to the enameled wire as thinly as possible, otherwise it will drip and thus be unevenly distributed over the wire. Therefore, some coatings need to be applied one after another to achieve the desired insulation thickness, which may be, for example, g. 16 fl. For 0.1 mm diameter copper enameled wire. It is common practice to route the wires alternately through the paint can and muffle furnaces: When the paint passes through the paint can, the enameled wire is covered with a thin layer of liquid paint; it is then oven dried ("muffled") and returned to the tank To obtain a new lacquer layer, etc., until the enamel layer has the desired thickness.

    The machines used for this process can be divided into two main types, one being a enameled wire that runs vertically through the furnace and the other a horizontal wire. The two types of machines are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2, respectively. These figures show some of the differences in characteristics between the two types. The following will be helpful. Clarify these differences.

    Gravity puts the horizontal wire in a slight curve ("catenary"), which has detrimental consequences on manufacturing. The horizontal machine stove must therefore be relatively short. Vertical machines that do not have this difficulty can use furnaces of 10 meters or longer. The advantage of a short horizontal machine is that it can be threaded by a single person, whereas the attraction of a vertical machine is that for a given drawing speed, the wire stays in the oven for longer. This is of particular importance for thicker wires, where the paint is coated in a thicker coating, thus requiring a considerably longer drying time.

    In general, it is advisable for a machine to process multiple wires simultaneously for economic reasons. However, if the wires are often disconnected, and the entire motor must be stopped each time an open circuit occurs, its advantage disappears. The thick wire does not break often, but the filament really must be in mind. As a logical conclusion, the manufacture of enamel paint will flow through these gaps. This ends up in a gutter where it is pumped back to the reservoir.

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