We now have a whole type of this housing system

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    Naoki Yoshida is now an icon to Final Fantasy XIV lovers. When he logs into the game, his character gets mobbed. Among the reasons for his popularity is his openness to get candid about every one of the issues his match faces.

    Last week in E3 in Los Angeles, I spoke to Yoshida about some of those problems, including the recent housing deficit that led to a handful of players buying up all of the land, the problem of balancing content for hardcore and casual gamers, and if Final Fantasy XIV will go free-to-play.

    This interview, conducted using a Square Enix translator, was edited for clarity. On fixing the housing shortage. "I believe we've come really close to resolving the issue where we don't have enough plots of land, and individuals are in desperate need for home. But if we are looking at it in the standpoint of, do we think we now have a whole type of this housing system, we don't think we've gotten there yet," Yoshida said.

    Their answer to the deficit, implemented earlier this year, was to restrict players to a personal plot each. "Our second aim is to make it more user-friendly so that we're able to automatically switch between personalities that are under your own account," Yoshida said.

    Yoshida also pointed to an article he'd found about a similar home drought in Australia, noting the Australian reporter had given Final Fantasy XIV credit for solving the problems at a better way than anyone had in actual life. "The company accountable for an online adventure game with trolls is giving more assiduous attention to home accessibility compared to the authorities of our most populous state," the article said.

    "Just by looking at this, I get the impression that gamers have become alleviated," said Yoshida. On when Yoshida is going to run for public office. "I don't need to!"