Like many weapon difficulties

  • The Week 8 Suggestions are reside in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and among those weapons challenges this week is a little different than the weapon-specific tasks we have had before. The Fortnite Items game asks you to get 250 headshot damage, enough to carry out two-and-a-half unshielded opponents. The simplest to attempt and catch a headshot is, of course, very easy. It's not the most reliable method to do it, but it is going to work eventually. If you would like to get a bit more technical, nevertheless, it is important to understand how planning actually works in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

    At the center of your reticule at Fortnite is a white dot, but do not let the small fellow fool you: bullets you fire won't necessarily land directly on this dot. Guns in Fortnite have bloom, which means that every bullet will land randomly inside a given circle, and there are specific things which will make that ring wider. If you're moving, as an example, your bullets will be less predictable. If you're shooting from the hip with no aiming they'll be almost wild, and the longer you hold down the cause the harder they are going to be to control. Crouching makes things a little easier.

    There are two ways to ensure that your bullet goes where you want it to. Step one is to use a sniper rifle. Sniper bullets will fall over space and will take a moment to achieve their aims, but they'll always follow predictable rules which you can learn and expect, unlike the arbitrary action of blossom weapons. The second is to utilize first-shot accuracy, which works with most weapons in the sport. Essentially, if you stand still and aim for a second, you will see the lines of your reticule snap towards the center dot. Meaning the next chance you fire will go just on that dot, no randomness about it. So if you want to.

    Shotguns are also a fantastic angle in on this, though in another manner. Shotguns fire pellets which do damage independently, and thus if you aim towards the top half of the enemy there's a chance at least one issuer will knock them in the had, and maybe more. If you would like to raise your odds with this one, attempt to increase the amount of space that the mind takes up by gaining the high ground and aiming down.

    This one shouldn't be hard for experienced Fortnite players, and weapons also amateurs need to be able to snag it with just a bit of persistence. Like many weapon difficulties, this should also make you a little much better player on the way.