3 tricks that instantly make your ponytail look much thicker

  • What do we envy girls with big ponytails ... Do not we need them anymore! Because with these tricks you can make a super voluminous ponytail in no time from a puny pigtail!


    One reason why many ponytails look thin and puny rather than super thick and voluminous: they just hang limply from the back of the head. A small trick with a big impact: Instead of tying your ponytail with just a single hair tie, use three hair ties that you 'set' one after the other.

    Also a cool pigtail trick that works with optical illusion: the double ponytail. festkjoler, To do this, you first gather the upper part of the hair and the sides into a ponytail. Then you tie the remaining hair under the first braid to a second ponytail. Loose over each other -et voila, the volume illusion is perfect.

    To tattoo the ponytail to pretend more volume is a no-brainer - and not exactly a new trick. No way! We'll tell you how to get the most out of your ponytail!