Listening In Class

  • Students must stay put and listen in class for them to realise ultimate goals in education. Arriving in class on time and finishing assignments on time does not amount to academic excellence. There is more to academic excellence than students going out on their way to forming groups with classmates who are like-minded and get closer to academic success. However, it helps even more when a student listens to the professor in class. The knowledge acquired from the professor is first-hand, and it also creates a better way of understanding concepts than when a student decides to miss class and study by him or herself.

    Listening in class does not require students to sit in any strategic position in the class or getting assignment help, but a student would be needed to do so when it gets noisy. Students do not necessarily have to ask questions or provide answers when their professors have prompted them, but it helps to inquire the essence of the concepts being taught. The input from lecturers, be it about writing an essay or addressing a contemporary problem cannot be equated with any other source of knowledge. Much of what students learn or study is founded on the deliberations done in class. It helps to listen in class.